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Paul Moldovan & Cristina Tatar

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Paul Moldovan & Cristina Tatar are one of those dance couples that are simply meant for each other. With a partnership lasting for more than 18 years, they grew together to be one of the most long-lasting partnerships in this industry.They are currently semi-finalists in all the major events in WDSF Amateur Latin and former World Champions in WDSF Youth and Under 21. Their future shines as bright as their cups!

What You’ll find In This Course

Long-lasting partnerships are something we all strive for. They offer us a sense of security and reliability, which helps us truly focus 100% on the dancing.

But how to maintain a good partnership throughout the years?

Through their 18 years of experience together as a dance couple, Paul & Cristina realized what worked for them. Now, they are willing to share some of their key ingredients of such a beautiful relationship.

This course will leave you with the impression that you just discussed with your most responsible and thoughtful friends.

Course Benefits

Learn the value of respect & transparency.

Find out how to set long-term goals.

Discover how to create a trustworthy partnership.

Lesson Plan

Ch. 01
Qualities Of A Long-Lasting Partnership
Qualities Of A Long-Lasting Partnership11 min

What they say

"This online course has allowed me to access world class knowledge at unbelievable cost! Also the luxury of being able to replay a lesson until it's well acquired and asking questions and hearing about others concerns is a privilege!"

— Raed Mourad

“So clear, carefully thought out and understandable. Beautiful job! Thank you!”

— user from Dancesportlife Academy

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