Mirko & Edita Gozzoli

4 hours 20 minutes

Intermediate, Advanced


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Mirko & Edita Gozzoli are one of the most renowned names in ballroom dancing. They have been both World Champions and European Champions and have been dancing for both WDC and WDSF. The couple started dancing together in 2009 and have ended their competitive career in 2014 by winning the World Title at the WDSF PD World Championship in Nanjing, China. They spend their time teaching in their own dance studio in Livorno, Italy, where they also live.

What You’ll find In This Course

Mirko & Edita structured this course in two parts: Theory and Choreography.

In the theoretical part of this course, they will offer you clear, essential and detailed explanations of the fundamental principles of Ballroom such as posture, hold, centres, footwork & body action.

In the choreography part of this course, you will learn four innovative choreographies by Mirko & Edita and how to directly apply the theoretical principles on them.

This course is perfect for those intermediate & advanced level dancers who want to master their knowledge of fundamental principles of Ballroom, while learning novel choreographies that will make you stand out on the competition floor.

Course Benefits

Master the fundamental principles of Ballroom.

Learn four innovative choreographies.

Find out how to apply the theoretical principles directly on your new choreographies.

Once you mastered this course, learn new tricks and wow your audience with Mirko & Edita's latest course Fashionable Choreographies & The Technique Behind Them

Lesson Plan

Ch. 01
Personal posture12:04 min
Couple’s hold61:07 min
Changing centers21:58 min
Footwork principles I32:43 min
Footwork principles II16:56 min
Body action principles19:10 min
Ch. 01
Introduction to choreography6:10 min
Presentation before the dance8:54 min
Waltz choreography18:15 min
Tango choreography19:14 min
Foxtrot choreography20:43 min
Quickstep choreography23:51 min
Ch. 01
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Q&A Session I23:03 min
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Q&A Session III21:02 min
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What they say

"This online course has allowed me to access world class knowledge at unbelievable cost! Also the luxury of being able to replay a lesson until it's well acquired and asking questions and hearing about others concerns is a privilege!"

— Raed Mourad

“So clear, carefully thought out and understandable. Beautiful job! Thank you!”

— user from Dancesportlife Academy

"I love the course, I start dancing in 1965 and now I self-train and teach couples with everything I learned and the new course from Edita and Mirko. I am trilled I can train to reach the high level I had, even that I am 70 now."

— Henk Schuurman

"Thank you very much for this clear explanation of posture. It helps me a lot to recreate space for my partner during the dance. Your lecture is an outstanding role model of our dancing civilization."

— Andreas Peter Neumann

What You Get

Lifetime access to a 4 hours 20 minutes course by Mirko & Edita Gozzoli.
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