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This line-up is beautifully varied. You can find dancesport legends, renowned teachers, and popular WDSF adjudicators. With this diversity of teachers, you can only expect to have a wide range of subjects!

What You’ll find In This Course

This package of lectures from the Master Evolution Camp 2020 is ideal for all the dancers who want to have access to a great array of subjects from great names from the dancesport industry.

You will find a collection of 10 lectures that includes topics like the connection with the floor and with your partner, musicality & interpretation, the character of a dance, or technique.

Course Benefits

Access a wide range of subjects from a diversity of great teachers.

Develop a wide set of skills that will come into your advantage on the dance floor.

Get a glimpse of the way these teachers and adjudicators truly appreciate on the competition floor.

Lesson Plan

Ch. 01
Master Evolution Camp 2020
Anastasia Titkova - The Skills Of A Woman In Standard Dances39:15 min
Domenico Soale - The Skills and Tricks To Dance An Interesting Quickstep35:01 min
Emanuel Valeri - The Skills and Tricks To Dance An Interesting Tango44:50 min
Irina Solomatina - Slow Waltz and The Three Important Actions: Swing, Sway, Shape39:32 min
Jaroslav Kucera - Jive Is Not Rock’n’Roll35:24 min
Karina Rubio - Paso Doble and Its Characteristics42:41 min
Mirko Gozzoli - Viennese Waltz and Its Technical Actions50:14 min
Frederic Mosa - The Details Make The Difference In Latin38:55 min
Pietro Braga - How To Make The Interpretation Interesting, Using The Musical Structure28:17 min
Sergiu Luca - Musicality Is Stronger Than “To be in time”29:28 min

What they say

"This online course has allowed me to access world class knowledge at unbelievable cost! Also the luxury of being able to replay a lesson until it's well acquired and asking questions and hearing about others concerns is a privilege!"

— Raed Mourad

“So clear, carefully thought out and understandable. Beautiful job! Thank you!”

— user from Dancesportlife Academy

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Lifetime access to 10 lectures of 40 minutes from the Master Evolution Camp 2020.
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