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Klemen Prasnikar & Sasha Averkieva are a stunning couple. They are three times WDC World Amateur Latin Champions and finalists to all the major events in the WDC World. Full of charisma and personality, you discover something different every time you watch them.

What You’ll find In This Course

This is a course that is designed for every dancer who wants to express more of their personality through their steps.

Who else would be more suited to teach you that than one of the most charismatic couples out there?

Klemen Prasnikar & Sasha Averkieva take you into a self-expression journey by playing with one of the most fundamental principles of dancing: connection.

In the first chapter, they tackle the physical connection. Then they show you how to stay connected even if you are not touching your partner. Lastly, they show you how to play with these types of connections to create your own dance style, your own dance story.

Free Preview
Free Preview

Course Benefits

Learn how to physically connect with your partner.

Discover how to stay connected with your partner when you’re not in contact.

Explore how to play with communication in order to create your own magic.

Lesson Plan

Ch. 01
Creating Your Own Dance Story
Introduction4:16 min
Free Preview
Physical connection35:59 min
Non-physical connection25:21 min
Creating magic19:05 min

What they say

"This online course has allowed me to access world class knowledge at unbelievable cost! Also the luxury of being able to replay a lesson until it's well acquired and asking questions and hearing about others concerns is a privilege!"

— Raed Mourad

“So clear, carefully thought out and understandable. Beautiful job! Thank you!”

— user from Dancesportlife Academy

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