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Costin Glavan is a sports conditioning specialist and expert in postural correction, certified in one of the best methods of high-performance conditioning in the world - CHEK Institute - a holistic functional system that has helped Olympic gold medalists and world-class athletes in all major sports.

What You’ll find In This Course

If dancing and wearing heels for an extended time cause you back pain and you want to unleash your full muscle potential, this course is for you! The course is created for dancers, using specialized training methods. Inside it, you will learn how to test yourself to see if you suffer from certain conditions and the science behind the issue. You will get detailed video demonstrations of stretching and corrective exercises for postural problems. Attached to the course is a support document that includes a complete exercise schedule so that you know how to put the course into action.

Course Benefits

Unlock your full physical potential by correcting muscle imbalances.

Get rid of back pain and discomfort caused by wearing heels.

Reduce the risk of injuries by removing muscle imbalances.

Lesson Plan

Ch. 01
How To Get Rid of Back Pain and Unleash Your Full Potential
Lecture 0 – Introduction: Causes, Effects, and Solutions. 15:00 min
Lecture 1 – Overview of the program 2:54 min
Free Preview
Lecture 2 – Testing and stretching the hip flexors6:08 min
Lecture 3 – Testing and stretching the quads6:17 min
Lecture 4 –Stretching the lower back2:30 min
Lecture 5 – Glute exercise - SHEBOB2:33 min
Lecture 6 – Hamstring exercise - SHEFOB with knee flexion4:08 min
Lecture 7 – Lower abdominal exercises6:23 min
Lecture 8 – Stretching the calves2:26 min

What they say

“In this millenium we need to use awareness and knowledge to access the body and its potential. Costin Glavan is integrating many disciplines to give clear instruments to work with the power of connections within the body.”

— Valentina De Piante Niculae, PhD lecturer and practitioner of the Feldenkrais method

“The course is well structured, easy to follow and looks professional. Costin goes in extensive detail explaining how the body works which is such a valuable information (should be rewatched again and again). I like the scientific approach to solving muscles imbalance. Overall I am very pleased with the program and I highly recommend it to anyone with this syndrome, for I know a lot of them.”

— user from Dancesportlife Academy

“The Information and the way you can learn about it is easy and everyone can do it. I like the “personal” speak to the audience - so it isn’t that you think “he talked so far away from my reality” - it’s this personal stage that i enjoyed watching it.”

— user from Dancesportlife Academy

"This online course has allowed me to access world class knowledge at unbelievable cost! Also the luxury of being able to replay a lesson until it's well acquired and asking questions and hearing about others concerns is a privilege!"

— Raed Mourad

"Thank you for producing high quality of products I do enjoy your new package for now. P. S. Please continue this journey to provide us and our dance community to be a widely knowledgeable society of dance sport once and for all."

— user from Dancesportlife Academy

What You Get

Lifetime access to a 47-minutes course.
A support document for the course which includes a detailed exercise schedule.
Updates on future courses, special offers, and discounts.
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